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Antonio Ciongoli (Eidos).
Source: Glober


Sciamat pattern matching and hand stitching. 


New meermin string loafers in snuff rapello suede. No filter, out of the box.

Pitti Uomo in Florence Italy can be considered the grown and stylish man’s Disney World.  Without question this is the place style is seen at least one year before it’s mainstream.  The general look is tailored suits and in all honesty four days of this is like four days at Disney - it can be a bit redundant, however there are some rides that you have to acknowledge.  In a sea of fashionable men, a few stand out, that create trends as opposed to following them. Pasini oozes cool- the kind of cool you secretly wish you have, but are afraid to put it out there.  Pasini is a man’s man, no apologizes for either his talent or self confidence, the chap knows what he’s doing and his collection certainly reflects that.  While many designers make clothes to make you look cool, Pasini makes clothes that the cool can wear.  He obviously knows the rules and know where to bend them.
Sitting down with Gabriele Pasini, I had a true lesson in uncompromising passion.  This was as much about appreciating his dedication as viewing his  unique collection.  Both which are strong, and devout of pretentiousness. 

The Collection:
Pasini’s collection features exclusive fabrics.  While the cuts may be typical Italian, the fabrics and blending is purely Pasini.  If you’re a man who walks the line between RockStar and Gentleman, this is a brand and name that should be on your radar.  
Gabriele Pasini for Lardini.
(via Buzz Aldrin: Second Man on the Moon, But First to Take a Space Selfie)

Lino Leuzzi